Why growing businesses need a cloud roadmap

With the right cloud roadmap,youcan have less IT baggageand more IT firepower. When that happens, a lot of great things become possible:

Lower costs

The cloud eliminates the need for a huge capital expenditure (CapEx) and can help you save on licensing fees. Best of all, pay-as-you-go pricing means that you only spend on what you use.

Tighter security

Cloud providers can deliver a level of security that no small or medium-sized business operating alone can match. From full encryption and firewalls, to automatic patches and upgrades –the cloud means small businessesstay secure.

Less admin

Cloud solutions are easy to implement and deploy, and ongoing maintenance and management is handled by your provider. This meansyourIT teamcan focus on more important matters.

Greater agility

Since the cloud works on a pay-as-you-go basis, it’s easier to scale your solution up and down, ondemand. Cloud contracts are also more flexible than hardware contracts, so you don’t have to worry about being tied to one solution for an extended period of time.

Easier mobility

With everything in the cloud, data, apps and even entire desktops are always available to your team on any device – whether they’re working in the office or on the road.

Planning your cloud journey

While the benefits of the cloud are well-established, it pays to think about how you’re going to embrace them. Too often, growing businesses take an ad-hoc approach to technology, buying solutions as needs arise, without really thinking about a broader roadmap.

In fact, a lot of growing businesses don’t even realize they’re already using the cloud (if you’re using Gmail, you’re using the cloud).

A morestrategic approach means you can identify what you’re missing and plan your way to better collaboration, easier remote working and more efficient processes.

We’ve developed a guide to help youthink about what’s possible in the cloud and what the right roadmap might look like.

Whether you’re new to the cloud, or an ‘as-a-service’ expert, it will help you make the most of your cloud-based infrastructure and accelerate your progress.