Advice & developing a plan to restructure a sales force, creating a new business strategy or providing advice on downsizing. Design and implement studies to evaluate management decisions using data and interviews. Business planning, technology, strategy and operations services. Roll-out plan & strategy.


Digital Transformation,  Smart Data Center, IT Solutions, Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Analytics, Big-data, Hardware & Software, Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, Media cutting edge solution consulting.

Data Analytics & AI

Custom Dashboards to visualize data. Solution consulting R, Python, RDBMS, Excel, Statistics. Machine learning, Deep learning, NLP, Spark.

Chatbots / Sinu

Custom Chatbots to operate on your app, Facebook, SMS, Slack or phone/voice 

Web/Mobile Apps

Custom business App, Single page App and Universal App using latest JavaScript based framework. Mobile Apps using cross platform native technology, you pay for once and get both iOS/Android application.Angular, Node.js, React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS 3, React Native, NativeScript, Android, iOS, Mongodb, Maria DB, MySQL, Redis, Couchbase, Elasticsearch, Electron , Google


ATL BTL TTL Branding Solution, Digital Branding like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Web Designing, Digital Marketing Consultation, and Web Analytics.

Cloud Data Management - Backup & Disaster Recovery

Modernizing backup with Industry leading Cloud Data Management solution; providing a simple, reliable and flexible solutions for all organizations, from SMB to Enterprise. Find out more about how to modernize data protection in your environment.

Digital Transformations with IoT enabled IT Infrastructure

Design and deploy distributed IT infrastructure in a quick, easy, and repeatable way with configuration solutions and selector tools to assist with configurations across all deployment types.

Modernizing IT in the Cloud-First World

Transform your IT with Sinant Cloud First Practice. Modern and intuitive UI requires minimal to no training, and it comes with customizable applications set which gives great work experiences and unlock productivity. Sinant AI & ML enabled Automation solution transform the way of working into modern digital workflows & provide superior service management across multi-cloud environments.

Recommender System

Suitable for e-Commerce business like online shopping portal, online financial advising services, movies, blog, books, music, social networking, news, knowledge articles portal, insurance, search queries, tagging feature in site, location shop or restaurants finder.

Retail Analytics

Get insights on inventory, demand, sales, operation and supply chain analytics. Gain report on deep customer insights, understand and identify your business and processes pitfalls and need for improvement.

RFM Analysis

Analyze your customer with deep insights, serve them at priority and get more value from them. Run more personalized marketing campaigning, increase engagement and see reward in sales revenue.

Location Analytics

Get deep insights of proposed location for your future project. Calculate right ROI. Get report on spending habits of people from different geographical locations, prepare your strategy to proper targeted advertisements and better product distribution.